About Lifesaver CPR

My name is Chris Peters and I am the owner and lead instructor of LifeSaver CPR. I have been a firefighter since 1997 and during that time I have responded to thousands of emergency incidents. Many of the life-threatening medical calls I’ve responded to could have possibly had a different outcome if the friends, family members, or coworkers had been trained in CPR or first aid. I felt that with my knowledge and expertise, I could teach people these basic life-saving skills.

LifeSaver CPR teach approximately 400 classes and over 5,000 students a year. Many of our classes are given to colleges, public and private schools, medical offices, and major corporations.

LifeSaver CPR utilizes a highly qualified cadre of professional Firefighter EMT’s and Paramedics with years of teaching and hands-on, real life experience. We specialize in offering quick, fun, and informative onsite courses that are tailored to your organization’s specific hazards and emergency needs. All of our instructors are certified with the American Heart Association (AHA) which offers a two year certification.

All training courses are OSHA compliant, certified with the Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) of California, and recognized by the Dental Board of California. Continuing Education (CE) units are available for professional level American Heart Association BLS, ACLS, and PALS courses.

It is my hope through our training courses and this website that I might educate the general public and medical professionals in how to help someone in an emergency situation.

– Chris Peters, LifeSaver CPR