Heart attack symptoms for women are different than those for men

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by Chris 4 Comments

Do you know the difference in heart attack symptoms in men vs. in women?

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Each woman will present with different symptoms of a heart attack. Some women experience several symptoms while others show all symptoms. There are women who show no symptoms before their heart attack. The sooner you can recognize your symptoms and take appropriate action, the better. The symptoms to be aware of:

Discomfort, tightness,uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing in the center of the chest lasting more than a few minutes, or comes and goes
Crushing chest pain
Pressure or pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck, upper back, jaw, or arms.
Dizziness or nausea
Clammy sweats, heart flutters, or paleness
Unexplained feelings of anxiety, fatigue or weakness – especially with exertion
Stomach or abdominal pain
Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

Some women mistakenly think only crushing chest pain is a symptom of a heart attack and, therefore, delay seeking medical care. Others have found that healthcare providers have failed to recognize their heart attack symptoms by attributing the cause of symptoms to other health problems, such as indigestion. This is why it is so important to insist that the doctor or nurse administer an EKG test or an enzyme blood test to see if you are having a heart attack. Don’t be shy -it’s your heart and your life.

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  1. Yes women respond differently to heart trouble than men. We need to start changing treatments for women because most are designed for men.

  2. Its amazing how often times people don’t take seriously the symptoms of a heart attack as it begins. Some may feel too much pride to admit something is happening and others may just not be aware.

    Its a great idea to get educated and of course to get an EKG and stress test done to make sure you are healthy and catch any warning signs early on.

  3. It’s so important to try and get that EKG done, I completely agree. It doesn’t hurt and is so crucial to making sure everything is ok. Like you said, it’s your heart!

  4. Joel says:

    I have always thought symptoms of heart disease between women and men were the same. This is helpful since we had history of heart complications. Thanks for the awareness!

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