I needed a BLS class for jobs I am currently applying for and was very happy there were so many to choose from in my city and even surrounding areas…I was able to choose a class that same week. The online First Aid portion had a few bugs in it, and I had to start over 3 times in the first section, but then it was fine and it took about two hours to complete. It was actually pretty interesting and informative. The hands-on class two days later was great – thorough with all the information and skills we needed to know, but it went fast. Charles Harman was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and was very personable, so he was easy to listen to, work with, and follow during his presentations and going over the material. The newer “dummies” we used and the pretend AED machine were cool additions…I’ve never used an AED and hopefully never do, but having those props was essential for me to get a “real-life” look into these devices and get a feel for how to successfully use CPR to help save an adult or child in a dire situation. We all received our cards at the end, and I was amazed just how fast the whole process was to get this needed certification. I highly recommend LifeSaver CPR, I had a really positive experience.