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  1. Marie Stone says:

    Great class, fun, and no stress. I definitely will use this company again. I highly recommend this class.

  2. Susanna Bonetti says:

    The best CPR and safety procedures training I ever attended.
    Chris Peters is a master at delivering clear information in a pertinent and amiable way: great work Chris!

  3. Kathy says:

    Wanda was a great teacher. Class was thorough and she made it fun and interesting. I learned so much and feel much better prepared to help in an emergency. Highly recommended!

  4. HY says:

    Valonda Rogers did an on-stie training. She is awesome and knowledge. Thank you so much.

  5. Donna Doney says:

    This was by far the most informative and interesting CPR course I have taken. Our instructor was exceptional. He kept our attention, answered questions, and injected humor.

  6. My Thanh says:

    The class was interesting and helpful. I enjoyed the class. Thank you.

  7. Lauren says:

    Thank you Chris!! Your training is fantastic, and I always feel much more confident in First Aid and CPR after your refresher course. Our school loves having him for our workshop training.

  8. KG says:

    Chris is an exceptional instructor. Class was very informative, nicely paced and great reinforcement of the most critical information. Definitely a course worth taking!

  9. Jorge Zamora says:

    The CPR Training received by our staff was excellent. The videos and real life examples help clarify many of the questions that aren’t answered in the video’s. We absolutely enjoyed Lifesaver CPR the 4 hours flew by, most definitely will use them again in 2 years.

  10. Laura says:

    One of the best trainings we’ve had in years! Chris is a captivating and entertaining speaker, kept the class moving, and maintained our attention throughout.
    I hope you will be back again in 2 years, Chris! Thank you!

  11. Annette V. Guenther says:

    Thank you Rhonda for sharing your knowledge on the subject matter with us. I enjoyed the class because of your enthusiasm, wealth of information, and humor. Hope we get you again next time!

  12. Teddie says:

    Chris is a terrific instructor and the best part is that he teaches more than just CPR but general first aid as well. Great class.

  13. Janet Silvashy says:

    I have had a very positive experience with LifeSaver CPR. This was our school’s second year with having them train us in CPR and First Aid. Teacher is very upbeat and lively. Very knowledgeable on the training and all of the questions we had.

  14. Susanna says:

    Very interesting, helpful and lively.
    Quick and humorous.
    I like all the real life examples and advice.
    Thank you

  15. Denise says:

    Thank You! For an enjoyable and informative CPR Course!

  16. Lourdes PazPacheco says:

    The class was very interesting. I enjoy having this class the instructor made a great job thank you.

  17. Amanda Holbrook says:

    Ms. Rhonda is incredible. She was very professional and personable. Thank you for an enjoyable class!

  18. JoAnn says:

    Rhonda Burrows was my instructor for renewal of CPR. I have been a nurse for 30 years and always dread taking CPR because it is usually boring and dry! But Rhonda made it less dry and certainly not boring. She knows her subject, she understands how adults learn best and gave us plenty of practice time to put everything into easy understandable steps. Please thank her for being extraordinary.

  19. Renee McGill says:

    I took ACLS with Sam. Great teacher but kept us for 10 hrs to finish the class in one day instead of two. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful.
    The classroom was extremely cold all day. When I asked if the AC could be turned up, the response I got was that the girl in the office with the door closed, gets too hot. There were 5 of us and only one of her !! Who’s more important?
    And speaking of the staff, the office help was rude when I drove to Lathrop from Modesto to get a new manual. She acted like she didn’t want to be bothered.
    I love this company and have used them several times for all my certifications, they just need to make some minor adjustments

  20. Cecilia Bontscho says:

    I enjoyed this class. I would have had to do this online at the hospital at which I work. Brad made it much more enjoyable than doing it on my own online. Thank you.

  21. William Aaron says:

    Well set up and run, excellent for professional recertification.

  22. Katie says:

    Thank you for the informative and enjoyable class Chris Peters! Your teaching style was interactive and kept the class on our toes. We are grateful for your time and I would certainly recommend your class to those seeking CPR, AED, Heimlich and general First Aid education.

  23. Pauline says:

    Great BLS class. Instructor is passionate about teaching the course and very efficient. Highly recommend LifeSaver CPR to anyone who wants to renew their card.

  24. AngelaRenee Young says:

    I really enjoyed the class, the instructor Brad was very friendly and taught the material well. I will be coming again!

  25. Cheryl /Allen says:

    I found the class very informative and the instructors
    made it an enjoyable experience.

  26. James RN says:

    Rhonda provided an excellent informative and professional class. Delivered information without any additional unnecessary fluff. Very impressed with the execution and delivery of her class.

  27. Sarah says:

    Mike Huggins was great! He was super informative and gave us a lot of real life scenarios to help us understand the importance and severity of issues that require CPR. Plus he regaled us with some EMT stories 🙂

  28. Joe says:

    Rhonda is a great BLS instructor. She has answered any of my questions with clarity. She is quite generous, too.

  29. Sorry I can not remember his name says:

    Our class was informative and our teacher was quick witted and kept his part of the class interesting.
    Please update the video so that is does not put us to sleep. Its no good for us to watch if we are bored into a coma.

  30. Kristen Smith says:

    My husband and I are expecting our first child. We were very excited to take the class go together and get good info to be prepared. Brad was a funny and straight to the point instructor which we appreciated! So glad we took the class.

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