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THIS WAS THE BEST CLASS EVER The instructor made us do the chest compressions for 5 minutes. That’s when I realized how dedicated I need to be when performing these life saving techniques. I am forever grateful for this learning experience. Thank you I believe I am now ready to take on this task

Great class and instructor! It was interesting, informative and to the point. I have taken CPR classes multiple times throughout my time and still ended up learning something new in this class!

Amani K was by far the best instructor that I have ever had and I have done BLS training so many times already. She is absolutely fun and engaging and teaches in a way that you really learn and retain the lifesaving knowledge and information that you need to know. I was so impressed with Amani and her wittiness and great personality is readily apparent even through our Covid facemasks. Everything was taught safely and with absolute car in regards to Covid and yet we all easily learned and retained our lessons. Great job Amani!!

Richard Tang

I’m so glad I found this class at the very last minute. Volanda was awesome. She kept the class engaged & well informed about the “whats” & “whys” of every scenario. I would take her class again & highly recommend her. Thank you for a great experience 🤩

Marie Foronda

I have to say our instructor was very energetic and well prepared. She kept the class interesting and used different scenarios to help us with real life emergencies. I have a better understanding about CPR.

Maribel Gomez

I enjoyed the class. Thank you for teaching us. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Loida Laabs

I arrived thinking this was going to be another very long day, but I was pleasingly surprised. This class was was interactive and upbeat. My instructor kept me engaged and fielded all my questions without making me feel inferior. She really worked us on the mannequins and it was a great experience to get the idea as to what an emergency would be like, and taught me what to do if I were really in that situation. All in all I would give this day of training a 10. Thanks I really feel prepared if I am called upon in a n emergency situation. 5 STARS *****

LaNel Jasper

Instructor was the best. She knew it was an end of day class and kept us awake and engaged. I would take it over with this company from now on. Loved the instructor and gained real life knowledge in case of a real emergency l.

Michelle Torres

Great class! In fact the best certification class I have ever been to. The instructor worked us really hard and kept the energy high. I feel like I really could be effective if I have to give someone CPR. Thank you!

Martha Sakakura

Even with the Pandemic this was a GREAT class!! Instructor was more to reality then I have been taught in previous classes. I enjoyed the small more personal class. Instructor was Fantastic!! Thank You!! PLEASE BE SAFE!!

Mikki Vickrey

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Please leave us your review about your experience with Lifesaver CPR so we can keep helping more Healthcare Providers and businesses.

Please leave us your review about your experience with Lifesaver CPR so we can keep helping more Healthcare Providers and businesses.

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