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Was at the course this weekend in Stockton Paul did an excellent job of making what can be boring information He was energetic, knew his material, and really made it a fun experience. In addition, he presented it in a way that was memorable I have taken many CPR courses in the past( am an MD and have to renew regularly) both in person and electronic. Thought this was the best one. 5 stars

G william Newton

I really enjoyed this CPR class held in Foothill High School 11/09/2020. I have never felt better prepared to preform CPR if I needed to. Thank you.

Valentina Kravchuk

very informative. I leaned a lot. I recommend to everyone!

Giang Vo

she was an amazing teacher for CPR so nice teach good!

jennifer hernandez

We had LifeSaver CPR come out to our facility to train about 20 of our employees. Normally our guys are falling asleep within the first 30 minutes but our instructor, Paul, made it easy to stay alert with his enjoyable personality and “to the point” method of teaching. He made us all laugh and kept things interesting throughout the whole class. Coordinating the class with Chris and Natasha was really easy. They were always available to answer any questions and were very friendly. We will definitely be using LifeSaver CPR for our future classes and recertification.

Suzanne LeMoine

I had a pretty good time learning CPR Basics. I feel prepared to save a life in the event a situation calls for it. I also have newfound love for CPR thanks to the Bee Gees Stayin Alive song-I had fun doing chest compressions to its beat!

Emo Loredo

Valonda Rogers is high energy and very efficient in sharing pertinent information. She answers all questions in a professional manner. I am certified every two years and I hope to have her again in 2022. It went by quickly and learned so much! I am confident in saving a life!

Robin McCracken

Instructor Paul Cardone did a fantastic job teaching the CPR class. He was v knowledgeable and had a impactful way to help participants retain what was taught in class. Thank you

Ratia H

Chris was an amazing instructor! He led one of the most thorough, fun and interactive CPR class I have ever attended! Chris was enthusiastic and supportive as he led us through each lifesaving technique. I have gained more lifesaving tools through his instruction. I highly recommend Lifesaver CPR.

Robin Murphy

Chris from Lifesaver CPR taught the best CPR/AED/FirstAid class I have ever attended. I have renewed my certification many times and this was the most organized and efficient class to date. We started exactly on time, returned from breaks exactly on time and finished on time. All questions were answered respectfully and he threw in a few jokes here and there to keep us smiling.

Christine L

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Please leave us your review about your experience in Lifesaver CPR so we can keep helping more healthcare providers and businesses

Please leave us your review about your experience in Lifesaver CPR so we can keep helping more healthcare providers and businesses