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We thoroughly enjoyed the CPR presentation by Valonda–she was enthusiastic and entertaining as well as informative. I’ve participated in this class several times over the 9 years I’ve been with Connecting Waters, and I enjoyed this one the most!

Laura McCullough

Chris was awesome!! Saving lives is an important and serious matter but the class doesn’t have to be so serious and boring. I never stopped paying attention because Chris was fun and interactive.

Eileen Sanchez

Great job! Way to keep us engaged and share valuable information.


This was a really well taught class (ACLS) I feel well prepared. The instructor was knowledgeable and he made the class fun:) I’ll definitely go back for my recertification.


I have taken CPR/First Aid from other companies in the past. LifeSaver has definitely made the booking process very easy so that we can focus on the important stuff, the training. Our trainer Valonda, made the class enjoyable and extremely informative. Participants in our office were very satisfied with the training. We will definitely be using LifeSaver to renew!

Vivian Hoerth

Brad was a great BLS instructor! Kept the whole class engaged, was knowledgeable and very entertaining! I learned a lot and appreciated the pace of the class because sometimes these classes can drag or be a little dull. I liked his personal spin and stories that also made it relatable. I highly recommend!


Valonda Rogers was an energetic, knowledgeable instructor. She moved through the First Aid information alternating the video with personal instruction throughout the class, encouraging input and questions. I felt the hands on portion was more extensive and realistic she had us partnered up and handing off chest compressions with a partner while she counted off the rhythm for multiple rotations. It seemed more true to the level of effort that would be required should I find myself in a situation where I needed to put this skill set to use.


Great CPR class…to the point; clear and concise instruction; recommended!


Chris Peters presentation on CPR, First Aid ⛑, and AED was lively, filled with anecdotes, and effective memories on how to deal with an Emergency. I appreciate Chris taking time to answer questions from the audience while keeping the class on schedule and focused. I was impressed with how he handled distracted audience by walking up to an open door and closing it while talking to the entire class as if nothing was bothering him.

Maya M

Brad was really great and gave an interesting hands on class. The best I have ever attended. He was very animated and super knowledgeable. Thank you for helping us be ready for an emergency.

Mary Grace

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Please leave us your review about your experience in Lifesaver CPR so we can keep helping more healthcare providers and businesses

Please leave us your review about your experience in Lifesaver CPR so we can keep helping more healthcare providers and businesses